Meet Alex

I consider myself a resilient entrepreneur, someone able to see the possibilities and who thrives in building and executing a business plan. I am a self-starter who approaches business development with a growth mindset, learning the lessons from when things don’t turn out the way you liked and focusing on refining a winning strategy that has served us well over the years. My goal is always to provide innovative solutions that enable us to exceed customer expectations and deliver value to our business partners and investors.

Quickly after starting my career as a floor maintenance technician in the facility maintenance industry, I realized my instinctive calling to start my own business. In less than ten years, we grew from “dos amigos” to over 800 employees and contractors. I’m particularly proud of maintaining a 95% customer retention rate along with what growing the business to rank in the top 5 percentile nationwide means to people. It is a great honor to be part of an organization that has the ability to truly impact our community and give back. When I think about all our work together, it inspires me daily with greater purpose than anything else I could ever do.

My entrepreneurial journey began with running a modest restaurant back in my native country of El Salvador. Early in my career, I lacked the right tools in my toolbox. However, seeking exposure and prioritizing my professional growth in various facets, such as finance, investments, real estate, and technology, have made all the difference. Years of learning and progressive experience have enabled me to expand into other sectors.

These days, I’m passionate about building new businesses and establishing the foundation for exponential growth. Yet I’m also that person that rolls up their sleeves to address a situation and establish the procedures to improve customer satisfaction. Being an entrepreneur has given me a strong work ethic and passion for expanding my knowledge, growing my skill set, coaching diverse talent, and trying new things.

At the end of the day, I want to be an inspiration to the next generation and show them that anything is possible through my legacy as an entrepreneur who built something from scratch.