The heart of every successful, solid business that I’ve built has always been and will always be the employees. Before I became an entrepreneur, I was a Floor Maintenance Technician, an employee. Coming from this background has given me first-hand experience in the value that employees bring to the table. When launching a business, I keep this experience at the forefront of my strategy and cultivate an environment that is progressive, empathetic, and human for every worker under my umbrella.

My leadership philosophy can best be summarized as “building success together.” Focusing on education, development, and the needs of the people around me, I’m able to identify strengths and weaknesses within the organization. Launching an employee-centric space encourages diverse management styles and opinions and inspires a climate of creativity and autonomy.

Leading my employees by example, I strive to ensure that all goals of the company are being met while empathizing and recognizing that every employee is going through their own life journey. I choose to celebrate key accomplishments and recognize excellence along those journeys.

When employees are happy and enthusiastic about their work environment, they can provide premium service to the customer base. By establishing a solid foundation of fulfilled workers, I’ve found that it is always the customer who benefits.


5 Tips to Building a Solid Facility Maintenance Team

Facility maintenance hiring managers have increasingly sought applicants with group communication skills. Teamwork training can help improve this crucial ability. Yet, some applicants lack the basic soft skills necessary for group collaboration.

So, managers must learn to find applicants most suited for team cooperation. Business leaders should support this strategy while seeking workers who consistently perform well regardless of oversight.

Here’s how to build a solid facility maintenance team

The Future of Facility Maintenance

Over the past few decades, facility maintenance has grown steadily more efficient. Forward-thinking managers have built sound workflows using the best tools of previous generations. However, the industry has always lacked a centralized program that handles task planning, execution, and billing.

Recently, technology has provided this solution.

Modern software can connect all facility maintenance operations on a single platform. This system saves significant time by streamlining data transfer between people and machines. Innovative managers should adopt consolidated software to avoid stagnation.

Here’s how technology is spearheading the future of facility maintenance.

How to Optimize Your Routes for Greater Efficiency

Creating efficient worker paths meets the elusive goal of heightening client satisfaction while lowering costs. However, the rapidly evolving maintenance industry has left some business leaders bewildered. Top standard practices half a decade ago are no longer highly effective.

Companies that wish to compete in today’s information-reliant work culture must adopt modern routing habits. So, supervisors should spend significant time researching path streamlining.

Here’s how savvy maintenance companies optimize their routes for efficiency.